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Peyton Jones: What We Miss about the Apostles’ Approach to Reaching the Unreached

Peyton Jones is an author, church planter, leadership trainer, podcaster, and writer. After serving as an assistant Pastor at a megachurch in Huntington Beach, California, Peyton embarked to Europe where he spent 12 years as an evangelist and church planter at Lloyd-Jones’s church Sandfields. Peyton founded New Breed Church Planting Network, which continues to train front-line 1st-century style apostolic church planters. He is the author of several books, including Reaching the Unreached: Becoming Raiders of the Lost Art.

Key Questions:

Is the way we’ve structured the church really inhibiting our ability to live out the mission of the church?

Can you tell us about a church planting experience you had in Europe? How did that work?

How do you encourage your people to use the gifts of the Spirit?

Key Quotes:

“To a European…Christianity came, it did its worst, and it went.”

“I see the similarities between today and the first century. I believe that a post-Christian world is very similar to a pre-Christian world…And if the conditions are the same, then the solutions are the same.”

“I think we’re risk-averse.”

“Once we got money, we replaced evangelism with marketing. Marketing is a poor substitute for evangelism.”

“Jesus in Hebrews is postured as a coach, and in Revelation he’s coaching his church.”

“We’re at a place right now where we’re not really doing much where we need [Jesus]…We’ve automated everything in our life, including church…We can’t automate the gifts of the Holy Spirit.”

“In the early church, if you took the Holy Spirit out, 95 percent of what they did would stop. But today, if you took the Holy Spirit out of the church, 95 percent of what we do would probably continue.”

“Today, our people spend an hour every Sunday watching one guy exercise his gift for 30 minutes on the stage, when the New Testament is more about raising up the gifts of others and turning lose.”

“I think there’s a desperation in many ministers…where it’s kind of like a breaking of just saying ‘God, I don’t want to make things happen. I want you to do it.’”

“Every time I plant a church, I’m not going to be here, and so I need to get out of the Holy Spirit’s way. I need to make sure people are not dependent on me. Like the Apostle Paul, I’ve got to quickly make disciples.”

“Christians don’t get bored when they’re using their gifts. They feel alive.”

“I’ve just learned: Follow people’s burdens to their passions, and you’ll find their gifts.”

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