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The Mrs. Mother Marie Jones Donelson Gospel Music Workshop

The Bishop's Mother

                              February 19, 1943 - November 5, 2015


                                      Sister Marie Jones Donelson

professed a hope in Christ at an early age at the Gilfield Missionary Baptist Church of Arlington, Tennessee.  She was a sharechopper's daughter who excell beyond her meager beginnings through a genuine relationship with God and the Lord Jesus Christ.  She served in the Music Ministry of her local church most of her life as well as serving in many other capacities in her church and community.  She was a true virtuous woman who wore many hats serving in her home, career, community and the Lord's Church.  United in Holy Matrimony to Ben S. Donelson, she was a faithful committed wife, mother and homemaker because she believed that chariety begins at home and spread abroad.  She was a humble soul, weak enough to always pray and seek the wisdom of God through His Word on a daily basis.  She loved God with all her heart and it was evident by her love for people.  Mother Donelson was a true woman of faith, that encouraged those around her to "never stop praying."


Cooking and entertaining family and friends was her passion and she enjoyed the fellowship of those in and outside the faith.  Her gift of singing complemented her gatherings of family and friends and she enjoyed the ministry of music and possessed a beautiful soprano voice that ringed with melody out of her heart from above.  She sung with various musical groups and community choirs which included the North Memphis Community Singers and the Friendship District Association Mass Choir.  She also was a faithful member for many years of the National Baptist Tennessee State Convention Choir under the professional leadership of Dr. Bessie McKensie.





                 The 2019 Spring Gospel Music Workshop 

                                       Saturday October 19th 


                                   Gospel Music Extravaganza


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