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                      The Adjutant General



The Adjutant General by definition is one who serves as an Aide and /or Assistant to a Commanding Officer. As an Assistant, the Adjutant General usually has a staff under their direction.  So is the case with the Adjutant General of Agape Christian Ministries International.  


He/she is a Special Aide and Assistant to our Founder/Presiding Bishop, from whom he/she receives their appointment.  This appointment, establishes the Adjutant General's responsibilities as the Minster of Service, Protocol, Order and Worship for Agape Christian Ministries International Incorporated.  


As the Chief of the National Adjutancy, he/she is responsible for the general oversight of the Corp.  His/her term of office is concurrent with that of the administration.


The National Adjutancy

The primary role of the Adjutancy is to "sanctify the leaders in the eyes of the people," create a positive atmosphere for the leader and the people, and to oversee the vestment of all Priests and Levites.  The adjutancy is a Bible ordained position.  The position of adjutant should not be viewed as one of popularity, but one of self-denial, submission and sacrifice.  Just like God calls, commissions and celebrates His leaders.  God also selects special people to serve His leaders.


The National Adjutancy is a team of people who are united and organized to help make ministry work.  Some of the responsibilities include, but are not limited to:  preparation for the Consecration and Installation of Church leaders, the dignified execution of Homegoing Celebrations for deceased leaders, assisting the Chief Servant in the orderly conduction of National Ceremonial Occasions as well as performing any other duty that the Chief Servant may assign.  The Adjutancy is the property of the Chief Servant.  They carry out his wishes. The primary task of the Adjutancy is to organize and coordinate National Communions, Inaugurations, Installations of New Bishops, and National Officers.  The Adjutancy serves in any setting where the Chief Servant is serving.


This department aids in helping the Vision of the Chief Servant come to pass by directly assisting him, in return allowing the Leader to clearly focus on the Vision.  

The Adjutancy Team



The Verger - is responsible for the processional cross and the torches, and for the transportation of the Shepard staff.


The Adjutant Chamberlain - is responsible for the care and selection of Episcopal Vestments, maintaining the Episcopal Chamber and for the color coordination with the Ecclesiatical Order.


Adjutant - is responsible for the escort and assist of the Bishops, Overseers and/or Executive guests.


THE ADJUTANT APOSTOLIC - serves as the leader of the Adjutancy Team and is the personal adjutant to the Chief Servant and is the Chief Adjutant of all Ecclesiastical Ceremonies.

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