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             The Continuing Christian Education Subsidiary


          The Ben Solomon Donelson Memorial Institute is designed to provide supplemental support and instuction to  believers and church leaders desiring to remain spiritual fit as they endeavor to serve the Lord through their local church and community.  The seminars are offered through our three annual conferences as in-services to those who possess a need to continue in the spiritual growth process.

                               The 2017 Holy Convocation Seminars 

The Ben Solomon Donelson Institute Seminars

begans on Tuesday Evening June 6th thru Thursday Evening June 8th (5:45p - 7:30pm).

There will be two seminars at each class hour

(5:45pm & 6:45pm).


The Ministry of the Deacon & The Work of the Church Usher



How to Armor-Bearer & Ministry and Marriage


These courses are taught by Bishop Lee Donelson & Evangelist Lady Michelle Lynch Donelson

The seminar fee for each class is $22.50 (three session: Tue,Wed & Thur).

The seminar workbook is included in the registration fee.

Onsite registration $35.


                               The Fall Quarterly Session Seminars 

Introduction to the Adjutancy taught by Overseer David Stevens Sr.  Dean of the School of Adjutancy of Christians Equipping Christians for Outreach Fellowship, Inc.

Christ's Day of Atonement taught by Bishop Lee Donelson sr.  Founder of Agape Christian Ministries International and the General Overseer of Bethel Temple Cathedral

The Gospel Music Workshop taught by Elder James Dewitt Johnson  The International Minister of Music of Agape Christian Ministries International



                         Continuing Christian Education Units


Agape Christian Ministries International is committed to Empowering Believers to Service in Christ through the local church, the Body of Christ and the Community.  The Annual Feast and Annual Holy Convocations are events where we as an organization and team player provide wholesome spiritual teaching, mentoring and certification on every level.  It is the avenue in which we fulfill the command of the Great Commission: "teaching them to observe all things, whatsoever I (Jesus) have commanded you."  We provide CCEU's to all seminars and workshops per attendance requirement.

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